Monday, July 12, 2010


So, yes... I missed the 8 month AND 9 month post for you kiddo.

Sorry... but when you are moving, and your life is FULL of boxes... sometimes blogging takes the backseat.

But SO much has happened since we got here, and I really want to make sure that I get it all down.

We moved up here on May 22nd, right before your 8 month birthday. God, May... doesn't that feel like it was AGES ago? It may not for you but yikes... Mama is tired.

So at 8 months, you were definitely not crawling. And I was a little bit worried, since all of your friends had started crawling around this time and you were still just spinning in circles like a top. But no scooting and no real movement. You were still our funny little guy - thinking that Mama was like, TOTALLY hysterical and Daddy was so much fun to play with... with the tossing up in the air and manly stuff like that.

We had so much to do for the first few days cleaning out this house, that you went to live with your Grandma for a little bit. We would come home to you at night, but really the first three days here in Northern CA, you spent most of your time with Grandma. And Mama decided that maybe it was time to start gradually weaning you... mostly because I was gone for 10 hours a day cleaning and unpacking and the pump and I were getting tired of each other. So hey - what was two bottles a day...

We really made an effort to get your room set up so you wouldn't be too scared or wary of your new space. It was pretty different - much bigger than your other room, and purple, but we figured with the same furniture you would be great. And honestly - you are the easiest baby, so I wasn't too concerned. You've slept ANYWHERE we've put you kiddo.

So of course, we got the house together and livable, and you settled right in. We even eventually got the painter up into your room and he painted it your signature blue color and Mama decorated it just like your room in the little house. And life went on for you without a missing a beat.

We had several trips down to see Bonbon and PopPop, and it was there that you started to take your first crawling "steps". But that wasn't until we came home after that second trip that you really started to take off. Right around 9 months (right on track milestone-wise) you were truly crawling.

And honestly? Now, you are a maniac. You talk talk talk talk all the time... and you have learned how to  climb stairs... oh awesome. You have made lots of new friends up here, but we are still going back down to SD every once in a while to see our old ones.

You haven't had a well-baby visit in a while, but a few weeks ago, in the middle of your awful respiratory infection, you were 21 pounds and today, at another sick visit (stupid stomach bug) you were 22 pounds!!! I mean, you are growing like a WEED! 12 month clothes don't even fit you... I'm having to buy 18 month clothes and it's MIND-BOGGLING. Who is this monster child?

Nowadays, you don't let Mama hold you anymore... and you have weaned yourself completely. I'm not going to lie kid - I cried. I miss the early morning cuddles and the snuggling before bed. Now you just want to eat and GO GO GO GO... I miss my baby, but I'm so excited for the little boy that you are becoming.

You will be ten months soon, and have your well-baby visit next week. Your friend Griffin will be ONE in a week!!! I can't believe it!

We moved for you and for our family and everything we wanted to happen has happened. We are together as a family so much more than we used to be and now your Daddy and I are getting to watch you grow up together and it's really and truly awesome.


Yeah, he was doing this when I came in this morning. oy. 
Time to lower the crib again! 
(and move it away from the wall... I know, I know)


Angi B said...

Love your blog, as if we don't keep tabs on each other enough :) LOVE to see all that's going on.

Ashley, Brian and Drew said...

Angi - isn't is hysterical? We need to get the kids together soon... this week has been crazy with the parents in town, but hopefully next week!

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