Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 5th of July!

Growing up in Coronado meant that I was always having a blast on the 4th of July, enjoying the parade, walking around town seeing people and generally enjoying small town USA. This year, having moved, we decided to stay local for the 4th and instead have my girlfriend Annie up for the weekend.

We had a blast!

I spent my first night away from my kiddo, when we sent him up to the river with his cousins on Saturday, while Annie and I spent the day wine tasting at Cliff Lede Winery (amazing). A quick lunch at Hurley's in Napa, then home again to check in with the hubby, send him up after the kid and then head off to Thai food at Sea Thai Bistro (AMAZING). It was early to bed and then up early for the 4th.

Now ok, we have a kid. Which means that life isn't as crazy as it used to be when we would get to PB at 8am, and crack our first beer or jello shot shortly after... but that doesn't mean we didn't have fun! We headed off to a VERY family friendly bbq and then afterwards enjoyed the fireworks show put on by our neighbors. Yup, that's right, the NEIGHBORS.

Apparently, fireworks are legal in Petaluma. Which would be all fine and good, except most people think that gives them license to go to Nevada and get the SUPER BIG, SUPER ILLEGAL fireworks and shoot them off in their yards. That would be our neighbor.

So like good supportive neighbors, we put the kiddo down, brought out the chairs and enjoyed a private, county fair-worthy, fireworks show with the neighbors. It was tremendous and I think Annie has offered to come back next week :-)

Who knew P-Town could be so much fun!!??

Happy 4th of July everyone!

SUCH amazing wine. 

My boys at the 4th Pool Party/BBQ. 

Beer/Wine? Check.
Baby Monitor? Check
Front row seats to the best fireworks show? CHECK


Fireworks - keep in mind that all of these pictures are taken from my front yard and are DIRECTLY in front of our house... the neighbor was setting them off from the street... we were actually nervous about the house burning down :-) 

HAPPY 4th!! 


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