Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tourists at Heart

So since my sister in law and her family are all in town, we decided to tag along on a few of their excursions the past few days. This means that Drew and I have gotten to be tourists in our new town of San Francisco... 

We met up with them yesterday at the SF Zoo, where we saw uncle Joe and did the usual behind the scenes experience... How weird is it that I spend 2.5 years of my life working at the SD Zoo and then marry someone whose uncle is the Director of Education at the SF Zoo?! Apparently I was just destined to stay behind the scenes with the animals... 

Maybe I should apply to become a keeper??? 

But while the SF zoo was great as usual, the real kicker was today... when Drew and I met up with the family to go to Alcatraz. 

So obviously, it wasn't as fun and interactive for Drew (he slept for the entire tour) but I thought it was AWESOME! We took the ferry over (the kid's first time on a boat), did the walking audio tour through the prison (SO awesome) and then decided to skip the traffic and have dinner in Chinatown. Now we pushed the kiddo pretty late (we didn't leave the city until about 730pm) but he was a rockstar as usual... although we'll see what happens tonight. (knock on wood)

Anyway - it was nice to get around and see the sights in SF and start to feel like this is really my city. I do love SF... I can't wait to see more of it. Especially more of it that isn't a complete tourist trap like Fisherman's Wharf... but, what the hell... it's nice to be a tourist once in a while :-) 

Enjoy the pics! 
His first carousel ride. I thought it was kind of eh... so did Drew... Does anyone else remember getting so damn dizzy? 

The train... nuff said. 

Drew and cousin Sarah - his favorite person right now... 

Alcatraz is so cool. 

Baby Gates!! 

THIS was so awesome... Real life Alcatraz convict - signing autographs... 

Drew - enjoying some cousin time... HOG heaven, this one. 

Look Drew - China Town!!!

Look Mom... my HAND!!! 

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april said...

Oh my gosh, I just took Grey on the carousel at Balboa Park and was so dizzy, I couldn't wait to get off!

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