Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ride that train

So moving up here has helped Brian relive a little bit of his childhood. He grew up in Fairfax and so knows quite a bit about the Bay area, and strangely seems to know a lot of the people... I'm still getting used to that. (Everyone seems to know a Fitting or two around here, it's really kind of weird)

So a few days ago, we took Drew to Train Town for the first time. This was a place that Brian remembered from his childhood and therefore was SO excited to take Drew there. I was more excited for the fact that Brian was finally going to meet some of my new playgroup friends!!

Train Town was ok. Drew was a little non-plussed by the train and the carousel and really just wanted us to put him down and let him crawl. Yeah well, that really wasn't an option... So he was a little whingy. But we had a great time :) (isn't that always how it works?)

The best part was heading down to the Sonoma town square afterwards, having sandwiches from the Sonoma Cheese Company, playing in the park with our new friends.

Some mommies even went wine tasting afterwards.

God I love Sonoma :)

Amos and the boys

Janice and Liam

Drew in the outhouse :)

Why does this look dangerous?

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