Tuesday, August 24, 2010


So even though the weather in the bay area has been pretty cool this summer, that hasn't stopped us from enjoying our new house, backyard and normal summertime activities!

About a week ago (yeah I know I'm behind the eight ball) we decided to cook our very first whole chicken from Tara Firma Farms. It came out, just ok, but it's all a learning process... And it did make a mean chicken enchilada casserole a few days later!

It was even better that we topped it off with blackberry pie, made with fresh blackberries from the garden, and homemade ice-cream.

So even though the weather has sucked a little bit, its summertime in the Fitting household!

Of course as I write this from glorious Lake Tahoe, Petaluma is experiencing its first proper summer weather... 95 degrees!

Hello mister chicken! Sorry we are about to overcook you on the grill!

Brian churning ice cream. So fun!

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Christine said...

Hi Ashley-
I just read your comment over on the Alpha Mom Milk Post, and wanted to write back to you, but since I've already commented 2x in the thread I didn't want to come off as the crazy pregnant pediatrician that is stalking the post. :D

Anyways, the reason you were likely swapped over to soy is that when there is a lot of diarrhea, the intestinal lining can actually undergo some changes, and with that you can become temporarily lactose intolerant. This happens to adults to, but it does seem to affect some kids more than others. Every pediatrician seems to have their own threshold for when they swap over (I didn't do it unless there were issues when I was a general pediatrician, some just do it on everyone if there's a lot of diarrhea). Typically within a few weeks everything is totally back to normal and there aren't any more issues. Since this illness was a month ago, I would think you should be able to swap back.

Typically, swapping from formula/breast milk before 1 year old makes all pediatricians shudder. We have a lot of nutritional info force feed to us in training (and truthfully, I've forgotten most of it), but one of the big rules from the nutritionists is no whole milk until after 1 year. However, there really is no "magic" change that happens at 12 months vs 11 1/2 months. Your little guy is exactly 11 months now, and for some kids the transition does take a little while.

I probably wouldn't start for a few weeks, but really it shouldn't make a big difference in the long run if you start mixing some whole milk into bottles of formula in 2 or 3 weeks and increase the milk amount over time. I've also heard some moms try to just change 1 bottle at a time (eg-the night bottle is just whole milk) and leave the others alone. The mixing appeals to me a little more, but since I'm not a mom yet I'm not sure which is easier.

I hope this helped a little bit!

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