Sunday, August 29, 2010


So every year, around this time we take our annual summer trip up to Tahoe. It generally coincides with the anniversary of when we met (5 years ago), although now, it's falling somewhere in the middle of that and our anniversary in September.

Two years ago, it was our honeymoon.

Last year, I was pregnant and just at the point where I could still get around well, hike and go to the pool, without feeling like a whale.

This year? It was our first summer as a three-some.

Now, we've taken the kiddo up there before, but always in the winter, when outdoors activities are limited by the snow and risk of turning him into a Drew-sicle.

Summertime in Tahoe? Sublime.

We had an amazing time, walking to the lake, going to the pool and playing in the house with our wild and crazy dude.

The only drawback? Apparently Drew was NOT a big fan of the sand. So much so, that the first time we walked down to the lake to dip our toes in? He screamed.

Ah well...

He warmed up slightly by then end, but Brian was less than thrilled at the prospect of a kid that won't enjoy the beach.

I hate sand, and the beach, so I have no idea where he gets it ;-)

Another hideous day in South Lake. 

He actually stopped yelling by this point and was like... 
I like water... 
but this grainy stuff kind of sucks. 

I think we were pointing at boats? No clue. 


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