Tuesday, August 31, 2010

11 Months Old

Ok, once again, I'm about a week behind. So sue me.

Oh 11 months buddy. One more month (even less now) and you will be the BIG O-N-E! Holy crapola. I mean, at this point last year, I still hadn't gone out on maternity leave! I was still WORKING!!! Wow, that seems like a million years ago.

But I digress.

You have changed so much in the past month kiddo. You are a talking, crawling, stair-climbing machine, and such a little love.

You have always been a lovie baby, but nowadays, you just love to give hugs. BIG old bear hugs that include a little shimmy from side to side and then a scratch on the back from one of your hands. A big old hug that you give to me, Daddy, any stuffed animal in the vicinity... it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

You are a crawling maniac still, but we are starting to see some serious cruising. You love to be held, but after a while it's like, DOWN DOWN DOWN I want to CRAWL and EXPLORE. And you are off like a shot. People are actually really surprised at how fast you can go - I'm just generally sitting there like... he'll be fine... BYE DREW!!!

You are a crazy talker now. Lots of DADA, some MAMA (I'm feeling a little unloved with this, but I'll survive) BOTTLE, YES... and now when we ask you what the doggie says? We get a little "foof foof" from you... The cutest thing I've ever heard.

You are big on the farm animal sounds right now kid. You know that a sheep says "Baaa" and can kind of say "moo" when we ask you what a cow says... no matter what, it's DAMN cute.

You really are just the most amazing kiddo. We take you everywhere - wine tasting, to restaurants, out with friends - and you are so chill, so happy to just sit and smile at everyone, play with your toys, take it all in... and eat. You still LOVE to eat. Anything and everything you can get your hands on.

That of course is not to say that you are the best eater all of the time. You have a stubborn streak that I know will show up when you're a teenager...

When you decide you are done with a particular food? You will stare me straight in the face, grab the offending food, and throw it over your shoulder against the wall. It's so naughty that your Daddy and I have to turn our heads so you can't see us falling over with laughter.

You love to laugh, both adorable baby giggles and a big hearty GUFFAW that makes us all die.

As we march towards one year, I can't believe how amazing it's been and how fast it has all gone. Love you kiddo.

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Morgan B. said...

He is so handsome! You will die when he turns one. I nearly fell into a depression after Emma's first birthday. I love your monthly updates. It's great to see you are enjoying motherhood so much. xoxo

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