Thursday, September 2, 2010


It all started with the weaning. At almost ten months, my baby boy decided that he wanted to wean himself and be independent from his mommy. And it was tough on me. To quote a friend of mine who was visiting at the time, "you're not going to cry all weekend are you?" (I blame the hormones)

But I understood that you needed to assert your independence and become your own person.

Now however, you have stooped to an all new low kid.

Everything is Daddy.

In the morning, whether Brian is working or not, I hear you yelling, DADA DADA!! from your crib. Multiple times, at a decibel that is ear splitting. At six in the morning, not the most gratifying sound especially when I go in there, and he is looking past me for Brian.


But I could totally deal with that, seeing as how we just spent 9 straight days together and you love spending time with dad.

Until yesterday, when Dad woke up to get you and Mommy slept in. I came down about 30 minutes into your morning and you were there with Dad. I came over to pick you up and give you a hug and you started screaming, reaching for your Daddy, squirming and crying until I gave you back. Hrm, ok, ouch.

It got even better when Dad was hugging you later, and I came in to give a family sandwich (we do it a lot) and you literally pushed me away and lunged for Dad.

Ok dude, I gave you life. I fed you like a dairy cow for 10 months of your life. I take care of you every day... And you want nothing to do with me.

Feeling guilty yet?

(I think I just officially became a mother :))

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laura said...

hehehehe! i have so much to look forward to with my little man! xo!

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