Thursday, September 30, 2010

Birthday Hangover

So five days later, I am just starting to recover from the first birthday madness. I mean, it took 2 days just to clean up the mess from the party!!! (I'm sure it didn't have to take that long, but whatever... don't judge me)

And then I realized that I haven't shown you all the PICTURES!!! And I need to blog about it!!!

Except for the fact that, there aren't that many... and the only reason there are any is because my friend Nicole, an amazing photographer, took them for me.


Not exactly the Martha Stewart moment I had hoped for.

Don't get me wrong. The party was awesome. Our friends were amazing, generous, and happy hanging out in the enormous backyard. The food was good, the birthday cake was AWESOME (if I do say so myself) but it really was chaos. (And about 100 degrees...)

I forget how out of practice I am at throwing parties.

I wanted to have everything organized, prepped and ready to go beforehand, so that when it came down to party time, I wouldn't be racing around like a maniac.

Ahhhh... if wishes were horses... Drew would have had a pony for his birthday. 

Overall it was great. But I didn't get a chance to talk to any of my friends. Didn't even know where my kid was half the time (thank you to my mother-in-law for making sure he was even fed) and it was like Brian and I were running around with our HAIR on fire.

But then, amidst the chaos, there was this.

Drew loves it when people sing to him. So the birthday song? HEAVEN. 

My Chubby Little Monkey

I'm watching you Monkey

Let the assault begin! 

Holy sh** what IS this stuff? Amazing!

It got MUCH messier, but my camera ran out of juice... whoops. 

Cranky, Sugar Rushed, Naked child after being hosed off in the sink... 

MUCH love to all of our friends and family that made Drew's first birthday SO amazing. I am so BLESSED to have found such an amazing group of peeps, even after only 4 months here in P-Town. Here's to the next 18 years with our little ones... 

OMG, so I have to do this 18 more times???? No way. 


Lisa said...

That was awesome! Loved it. Thanks for sharing. He's so adorable. Yeah, I had the same thought about doing it 18 more times...So far, the 1 yr was the only party we did. :) Maybe next year when he's 4! :) Love you guys! You're doing a great job, Ashley!

laura said...

total sweetness!

we all need professional photographer friends!!

what a happy boy! glad ya'll had a fun day!

and, i totally love the short do!!

Angi B said...

Test comment: BUMMED we missed out on the b-day, BIG time.

Shondra said...

We need to chat about how you made the monkey cake. I'm thinking monkey cake for Callum's birthday too...

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