Monday, September 27, 2010

Letter to a Big Boy

Dear Drew,

You are one.

I'm in complete shock.

You are so grown up... SUCH a big boy. You talk up a storm, babbling and singing and SQUEALING with pleasure when you see your friends and family. You crawl like a madman, cruise like crazy and you are just days from taking your first steps... You've even started standing on your own... which normally comes to an end because Mama can't stop screeching that "HE'S STANDING AAAAAAAAA".

You are still obsessed with your Daddy. He came home from 8 days away and you went bananas when you saw him. You squealed and wiggled and screamed and just generally flipped out. It was even worse when he gave you a kiss goodnight so Mama could put you to bed. WAILS. SCREAMING. CRYING. LAMENTS... I finally bribed you with a bottle, which, btw, you have started calling MA-MA... So sad. I have been likened to a bottle of moo juice.

We woke you up the morning of your birthday, the two of us, singing and clapping and taking pictures. You could NOT believe your luck!!! You jumped up and down in the crib, squinting as the Mamarazzi blinded you with flash (props to LT for that one). Then we had a wonderful breakfast of banana pancakes and spent the rest of your birthday getting ready for a big BBQ we were throwing the next day.

Come Saturday, a bunch of your friends came to wish you a happy birthday. It was sweltering outside, about 95, but that didn't phase you, or any of your friends. Everyone crawled and played and had a great time. But the best was yet to come...

We sang the birthday song to you, which made you DANCE and LAUGH... and then Mama presented you with your VERY. OWN. CAKE. OMG.

Needless to say it was a messy ordeal... and one that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

It was an amazing birthday weekend kiddo, and I truly am amazed at how fast the year has gone. And yet as fast as it was, some months seemed to take FOREVER... (namely the ones where no one was sleeping). But it feels like there was never a time that you weren't with us, and I honestly can't remember what life was like without you.

You are a true gift kiddo. We thank our lucky stars every day that you are such a wonderful, sweet loving baby. That you love Mama and Daddy and that to you, life is just pretty great.

There are so many years to go, but I think that every parent would agree that the first one is the most memorable.

We love you so much baby. Happy First Birthday.

Mama and Daddy

Enjoy a look back at Drew's First Year... 

The password is Drew

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april said...

Happy Birthday Drew! Ashley your video made me cry, it goes by to quickly.

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