Thursday, September 23, 2010

Almost One

I know I should probably be saving up for some big post tomorrow... but I just can't believe it. One more day.

One more day of having a baby.

Tomorrow this kid will be a TODDLER! I mean, not that he's toddling too much, but still, a TODDLER.

I kind of want to barf. I want to make time stop and I want him to be a baby again and be this little peanut who relied on me for everything... (although let's be honest, when was he ever a peanut... he's HUGE).

But he doesn't rely on me for everything. He sits up. He crawls. He feeds himself. He HOLDS HIS OWN BOTTLE. Tomorrow is the big ONE. Agh. I'm not ready...

He is though.


laura said...


the countdown to one ends tonight!

hooray! you did it!
and if you thought the first year was fun, just wait 'til the second year. double the fun! no, triple the fun!

happy almost birthday, drew!
xoxo to you, ash!

me said...

Happy 1st birthday Drew!

Louise said...

Happy Birthday, Drew! Hadley sends a big hug!

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