Friday, October 15, 2010

So it's been a madhouse here in the Fitting world for the past few weeks. We had guests in town, birthday parties to go to, F18 pilots to party with (awesome awesome awesome) and San Diego to visit.

PHEW! Yes I'm exhausted.

But in the midst of all of that, we got to have some quality time with friends of ous that will be leaving for a two year tour in Japan. These are two of our VERY BESTEST friends, that the Navy has taken away from us, not once, but TWICE now. We finally got them back to San Diego but then WE moved, and now they will be continuing their Navy life in the beautiful country of Japan. Sigh. I will miss them SO SO SO much.

But I bet they would love visitors... Drew - Wanna go to Japan???

So during their visit we played a lot, took Drew to the pumpkin patch, celebrated another first year birthday and just had a WONDERFUL time.

Lots of love to you, our VERY BESTEST friends :-)We will miss you.

And without further adieu... pictures.

Brian and I, CHILDLESS for the first time in a while. It was windy.

The BLUES! And us, at show center. AWESOME.
The pumpkin patch. Without Stacy, there would have been no pictures. :-)
And don't mind the mohawk that my child has.

RIDE 'EM Cowboy!

WTF is this???
The boys... checking out to watch football.

And old school photos -

Stacy as my matron of honor - a MILLION YEARS AGO.

Dawg and Brian...
Uncle Dawg and Baby Drew

Aunt Pie, Uncle Dawg and 6 month Drew. 



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