Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday Party Madness

So I LOVE my new friends up here.
And I LOVE their kids!!

So we decided to have a big playgroup first birthday, since everyone is either at one, or almost at one.
And we decided to have it out at one of our local farms, that a few of us are members at... Tara Firma really is a great place and has a great barn that we, as members, are allowed to use.

So we barbecued, and had a few beers, and cupcakes and enjoyed watching our children play and get dirty. Ok wait, strike that. I watched MY child get dirty... like really really dirty. He is SUCH a boy.

But Happy Birthday to all of the Vintage 2009 babies and congrats to their Mamas on surviving the first year of babyhood.

Reilly, Drew, Jack and Wigi

Jack and Daddy

What? Why are you looking at me??

Trying to get them all in a picture. We like to call this herding cats.

The Mamas! And that's not even ALL of them. We were missing a bunch.

Sophia and Bruin

My child, EATING? I'm shocked.

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Jennifer said...

This was so much fun! Thanks for taking great pics of all our kids!

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