Monday, October 4, 2010

Walk this Way

Alright lurkers. Here's a chance to see how many people actually read this darn thing.

So apparently it rains up here... a LOT. And I do not feel adequately prepared at all with my shoe selection, especially if I want to wear anything besides sneakers and flip flops (if it's warm). We are also going back east for Brian's 15 year reunion from college, and I know it will be crispy and fall like... not prepared at all.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a pair of shoes (boots?) that would look cute/be functional? I would like to have a little bit of a heel on them, and need them to be comfortable for chasing around a VERY mobile child. I would like them to look great with jeans, and be able to survive the weather if its really going to monsoon this winter (ugh).

I haven't bought a new pair of shoes in a LONG time, since most of the time I wear sneakers or flips, and have a whole closet full of heels from my working days. What a waste.

So, let me know if there are people out there who have some good ideas...

And for your trouble I have attached the latest video of Drew.
The password is Drew.

HE TODDLES!!! Kind of.


Angi B said...

LOVE the music choice, and YEAH for toddling! And I will be checking back for the boot suggestions, I'm looking for some too :)

Bryan Guido Hassin said...

I have no shoe recommendations but I strongly suggest Google Analytics if you want to find out "how many people actually read this thing." :-)

Morgan B. said...

I bought my knee high boots seven years ago at J Crew. They have lasted me so long. I wear them almost every day in the winter. I wish I had a better answer for you! Good luck!

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