Wednesday, November 24, 2010

14 months old

So I skipped your 13 month post.

I think I was still suffering from a little bit of one year old hangover when your 13 month birthday rolled around. So sue me.

At 14 months though you are NO longer a baby.

You started taking your first steps right after your first birthday, but the walking didn't hit full effect until a few weeks ago...
And you were OFF!!!

Now you are everywhere and into everything. It's exhausting but so much fun!! You and your buddy Liam (who has been walking since he was about 10 months old) are now racing all over the place together. You and your playgroup friends are starting to really get around and the parties and playgroups are crazy, wild fun...

You are a love. You love to give hugs still, and have enhanced that now with some kisses to boot. Well, not really kisses but at least you have started closing your mouth... big wet slobbery kisses with tongue were kind of gross, honestly. Now you keep your lips closed tight and go... "mmmmmmmmmmwah!". Its flipping ADORABLE.

We are feeling a little overwhelmed by how grown up you seem all of a sudden and we feel like you are outgrowing your baby toys every day.
I looked over from the kitchen the other morning to see a tower of wooden blocks, about 10 high, that you were stacking intently. What??? Insanity. We are thinking about apprenticing you with one of our engineer friends already! :-)

You are talking up a STORM. No clue what you are saying, but it's really really cute. And a lot of affirmatives. Everything is Yeah Yeah!!! Even when you do NOT want what we are offering... :-)
You have increased your repertoire of sounds and words, but I think you have been working on walking so much that I haven't seen a huge jump in your verbal skills like I did before. Everything in good time though.

You love books. You devour them like I do. You hand me book after book at bedtime, even though I tell you, "only one more"... but you will not be deterred. You sign "more more please" over and over again until I have to acquiesce. It's just too cute and I am obviously a sucker.

You are growing up so fast. I can't even believe that my baby is walking and talking and isn't a baby anymore.
But you still like to snuggle with Mama. And you still like me to hold you in the morning with your bottle while we watch the news and talk about what our day will hold.

I'm excited for the holidays. Excited for you to finally know what a Christmas Tree is. We are gearing up for Turkey Day and you are LOVING the activity. You love having your BonBon and PopPop and Puppy here.

You love the chaos.
You are so obviously a Fitting...

We love you kiddo. You are amazing. Now just stop growing up please.

Mama... can I have a dog bed of my very own????



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