Friday, November 12, 2010


I feel like I haven't got a DAMN thing to write about right now because things are just... so... well... good.

Brian is home for another long stretch.
I've had amazing days with my girlfriends and our kids.
The weather is perfect and fall-like and hasn't rained since sunday.
Even the rain was fine because I roasted a chicken and felt like Dottie Domestic.
We've been going to the park a lot now that Drew is walking like a maniac and it's been awesome.
And I have a new pair of skinny jeans that are SKIIIIIINY to wear to Mom's Night Out tonight.

I love it here. Enjoy the pictures.

Drew, taking me out for lunch on my birthday. 

Realizing that there was no more food,
even though he ate most of my omelette.
LITTLE MAN. Where did he come from? 

Reading books with his friend Jack. 

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Angi B said...

I LOVE the ones of him in the airplane restaurant. He's one handsome little boy.

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