Saturday, November 20, 2010

Satan's plaything

So it has been my experience so far, that when we go to others homes for playgroup, Drew gets to sample toys that we don't have at our house. This of course works out very well, so I don't end up spending our money on things that he hates.

So this toy, the Playskool Ball Popper, has been a huge hit for our kiddo at all of the homes we have been to. I thought it was pretty cute and figured if he loved it so much... Well I'm a sucker.

I put it together, threw in some D batteries and pushed that adorable button on top.

And was greeted with music that could only be reserved for the 7th circle of hell. It was loud. And obnoxious. And even Drew, after playing with it for 2.2 seconds, decided that it was too much.

I don't know if they have changed the design, upped the volume or what, but holy hell... Word to the wise Playskool.

Volume buttons.


Sorry Target, but it's coming back.

It looks so innocent, right?

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Stephanie said...

Holy hell, Reilly has that, bought for all the same reasons you got it for Drew. And every time she hits the button, I want to shoot it with a large gauge shotgun.

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