Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tis the Season

We saw Santa Claus for the first time last week kiddo.

Just a little local grocery store Santa, but I figured it was a good prep for the real Santa.

I stressed a little bit, seeing as how a picture with Santa at G&G was free. I assumed that there would be a line out the door if we didn't get there right at 10 when they opened.

But I didn't wake you up from your nap. I figured if we waited it would be fine. I figured, really, how bad could it be? And if we didn't see Santa, well... we would all survive. It was still early... not even Thanksgiving yet!

So once you woke up, we decked you out in your best sweater vest. (Daddy was obviously out of town)
We gathered everything up, made plans to meet with your buddy Liam over there, and headed out to G&G. Three minutes later, we were there. And while we walked in the door, I cringed, thinking of all of the people that were probably in line for free Santa pics...and I looked... and there were two kids.

Ok. I guess this wasn't a big deal after all.

You were a little leery of this big dude in red. He wasn't the best/jolliest looking Santa I'd ever seen, but hey... I was thinking of it more as a practice run anyway.

Then you saw the toys at his feet.

And you would only smile if we kept handing you toy after toy.

You've totally got my number on THAT one kid.

And while the pictures didn't come out that well, and Santa looked more than a little hungover. It was a successful first encounter. Just wait for the real Santa... he's pretty great. And he brings toys... but only if you're good. :-)

I'm sure it won't be a problem.

Here are the outtakes.

Here's the keeper. 


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