Thursday, December 16, 2010


So I think everyone has probably noticed I've been messing around with the aesthetics of the blog. Sorry and that will end soon. Probably. I just can't figure out what I want. 

Anyway, we are currently in the midst of a different type of transition around here. Namely, from two naps to one.

And surprisingly, it hasn't been that bad. I must admit, the kiddo has taken to it rather well... as long as I keep him entertained until his first nap. 

My God. 

Entertaining a 14 month is actually kind of tough. I mean, lets be honest, he has the attention span of a guppy and for the first few days he just REALLY wanted to take that nap. But it's amazing how well you can keep someone up by racing them around Target. 

The Target people think I'm nuts, but my kid thinks I'm hysterical. 

Another way, apart from running up and down the aisles of Target has been the PARK! Now yes, I know that I bitched a LOT about how much it rained... and don't get me wrong, it definitely does. But in between monsoons we have spent some serious time at the park down the road. We can walk there which means (much needed) exercise for the hubby and myself, and once we get there? 


Now that he is walking, this actually does entail breaking him free of the confines of the stroller and setting him down on the pavement... Only to watch him toddle/sprint for the nearest instrument of injury (swing/slide/what have you). 

The other nice thing is that because most of my playgroup mommies live in the area, we generally either schedule a mommy/kid pick up as we walk there, or randomly run into people. Fabulous! 

Now if it would only stop raining. 

It's supposed to start again tonight and rain for a week. Guess I better brush up on our indoor activities again. 



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