Saturday, December 11, 2010

(Wo)Man vs. Machine

And no - not this... 

Although, lets be honest... I NEVER had/listened to this album. Did you???

I mean, THIS... 

My mother was kind enough to leave her awesomely old, metal Bernina so I could sew a few things and get a hang for it... preparing for when I get my own. 

I really want to get proficient at this and be able to sew basic things (like diaper inserts), and hopefully better, more complex, things (like stockings, Halloween Costumes, etc) as I go along... Maybe even sew/quilt like my friends, Angi (Life in Color) and Janice (Sew Girly) who are SUPER talented. 

Of course... that may take a while. But I want to LEARN!! 

So I had a few alterations I needed to make on some G's, (now that my moose has moved up to Larges - Good Grief) fixing the old ones so they can go into storage for when we have another. 

(No I'm not pregnant)

So I got the kiddo down for the night and settled down with my g's, and my sewing machine. And PREPARED TO DO BATTLE!!! 

And promptly broke the needle. F***

The damn thing won this battle, but I will prevail. Once I go out and get another stupid needle. Maybe even a whole bunch of them, just in case. 

But I know I can do this... 

Are there any of you out there that sew? Any pointers on getting the hang of it? 

And don't worry Mom, I'm not going to break your machine. Promise. 


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