Monday, December 6, 2010

The Xmas Spirit

So yes, the last post was definitely lacking in the Christmas spirit and has probably left half of you wondering if I'm some kind of crazy nut job and the other half wondering what kind of spoiled brat I am... So... um... sorry. Sometimes you just have those days. And I felt the need to post it as a public apology to my WONDERFUL husband who put up with all of it. :-) Sorry baby...

Today was different!

Today was better!

(Today was also not raining but whatever... details)

So in light of the fact that we still did not have a Christmas tree and it was supposed to rain again on Wednesday when Brian would be home to get one, I scrapped the perfect family Christmas Tree outing and high tailed it to Lowes.

And while there was no Santa, no farm animals and no Christmas Store...

There was a little boy running up and down the aisles of the Garden Center sniffing the flowers.
And splashing in the fountain (much to the chagrin of his mama.)
And picking out a Christmas tree for the very first time.

And it was the MOST fun ever.

Even if we did look like the Griswalds...

Take THAT winter doldrums!!!

And guess what rain IS good for???



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