Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Free at Last

So we have had an amazing opportunity.

To travel,
without the kiddo,
to Tahoe,
to ski!!

I mean holycrapdoesitgtanybetterthanthis.


And I finally got a chance to use my beautiful new skis...

my "push present" for delivering that damn cute kid. (An obnoxious tradition that I initiated into our family... Perhaps... But hey, if Brian wants to buy me skis? I'm in.)

Too bad I got them right after I had the baby, and haven't used them till today.

But they were well worth the wait. Well worth it I tell ya.

Kirkwood was gorgeous this morning. The sun was beaming down and the mountain looked amazing.

These are obviously the terrible shots I took with my phone, but whatever. 

It also looked a little cold and icy, but what can you expect when it's been like spring skiing around here? Pretty much melting every afternoon and then freezing at night.

But whatever. Its Tahoe. Which according to my husband... "doesn't suck."

The snow softened up.
My new skis were amazing, carving down the mountain in beautiful, lazy S curves.
And Brian and I spent every lift ride talking, laughing and just enjoying each others company.

Baby? What baby?
Oh yeah, if you were wondering? We didn't just leave him at the house with some diapers and a bowl of food.
He's currently reorganizing and lining up matchbox cars at my mother in law's house.
Win win for all of us!

There will definitely more of this in our near future... Sweet.


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