Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Years Resolutions

So yeah. About that. 

I made them. I really and truly did. I just sometimes don't want to post them on here so that I'm actually held accountable, because I'm sure that people will remind me some day when I'm sitting on the couch and writing about it on facebook that I said I wanted to go to the gym more. 

Shut up people. Just shut up. 

But no, in all seriousness I did make quite a few resolutions for this year. Ones that I'm not at ALL afraid to tell you. 

1) Finish painting this DAMN HOUSE. 
     The sad thing is, you're probably thinking about how easy and attainable that one is. So finite! 
Yeah, well, you haven't seen this house. I started painting the guest bedroom... the one that is a GOD AWFUL shade of primary blue and it just sucked. Literally, it SUCKED the paint off the brush like some Freddie Krueger movie and I was left with still blue walls. 
The walls, and the texture and the primer and... gah. Terrible. It's taken me 3 days to tape it off, paint the trim and PRIMER IT. There isn't even a color up on the wall. And this is just BLUE. There's no telling how many gallons of primer and paint it will take to do our bathroom... which is burgundy, and HIGH GLOSS. So yes, this could actually take me all year to finish, although I'd really like to have it all done by March. The guest bedroom should be finished by tomorrow. God willing. Pictures to come. 

2) Plant a real and proper vegetable garden. 
     So, many of you probably saw the awesome planter that Brian made for me last season. I actually managed to grow things in it, and I was pleased with the outcome. This year? I'm thinking bigger. I'm still going to use the planter box for herbs and lettuce and such, but in the old dog run out back I'm thinking corn, and squash, and things that grow big and require water and tending to... so this may not be the most successful growing year for me, but hey... I'm trying. And I have worms now in my composter, so hopefully they are creating some fabulous growing soil for me. Or they are all dead from the cold, I haven't checked in a while. 

3) Learn to sew... and actually DO IT. 
     This has been a dream of mine for a while and so far so good. Over the holiday my mother left her sewing machine with me to see how I would do and when I wasn't breaking it, or threatening to chuck it out the window, I had a great time. I'm going to start small, making bean bags and diapers for Drew and hopefully graduate to an i-spy quilt and take a few classes. I'm stoked. 

4) Start working out again. 
     For those of you that knew me pre-baby (and hell, DURING pregnancy) you know that I was kind of a workout freak. Now I'm something more akin to the stay puff marshmallow man. Not big, but definitely squishy. And the best part is that the "better person" goal is family wide, as Brian has agreed to join a gym with me so we can get our bodies moving again. I'm really proud of him committing to this, so I need to be encouraging and do it too. Also, if I'm paying for something you better believe I'm going. I'm just too cheap not to.

5) Take better (and more) pictures. 
     I love snapping shots of Drew, but most of the time am less than thrilled with the outcome. I either need to reteach myself how to take pictures (my high school photography class seems a LONG time ago) or take a class. Preferably one that isn't too expensive since I think the gym and the sewing machine are going to take up my slush fund every month. But, I'm sure there are online courses and maybe a blog or too that can help. Shoot suggestions my way if you know of any. 

6) Blog more and learn to write my own design code. 
     I know, sounds ambitious. I'll start with the blogging more and hopefully find a book that can refresh me on html and css. This one may be a LONG work in progress. But I'll work on it. Promise. 

So I think that 6 resolutions shouldn't completely break me. I hope that at this time next year I'm not still living in a burgundy bathroom/bedroom or craigslisting my sewing machine, but I'm also not expecting that I'll be making my own clothes or anything. :-) Baby steps. 

Here's to 2011!!! 


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