Thursday, February 24, 2011

17 Months

So Wikipedia defines the Terrible Two's as:

 child development stage which normally occurs around the age of two (but can start earlier) and consists of toddlers often saying no and throwing temper tantrums.

Baby, we are SO there. 

Now I really have to put things in context. You are still an amazing, adorable kid. You are still helpful and talkative, friendly and pretty darn good. You have, however, started to exhibit a few signs of what I like to call "willful disobedience". 

Getting you dressed? Like wrestling an alligator. 

Telling you not to tough the knobs on the stove? It's like I told you TO touch them... and you do it with a smile on your face, while saying "no no".

Your Drew-sized chair? Like an acrobatic show, as you climb up, over, and fall off of the damn thing. 

Getting you to eat? Still not super hard, but now there are weird aversions to things... at completely random times. Food you had for dinner yesterday? DISGUSTING TODAY. *throws it off the high chair*

And random tantrums... 

I actually watched a most interesting example of a full blown meltdown while we were at my parent's house in San Diego. This was complete with the flailing, the banging on the walls, the BIG fat alligator tears. My mom and I watched you, more amused than anything else. Dude, you were crying because I wouldn't give you a bunny cracker. Call CPS.  

But truly, other than the madness of having a toddler... you are still pretty damn awesome. 

You are talking up a storm and starting to put words together. Please and Thank You now come mostly unprompted, and you are adding a bazillion new words to your repertoire. 

The Daddy obsession is back again and now I'm finding it more annoying than anything else. If he leaves the room, you throw yourself onto the ground in an inconsolable heap until he comes back. Or run around the house going, "Daddy? Daddy?" in the most plaintive, heartbreaking little voice. Its, like, Kid... he's in the BATHROOM. BREATHE! 

But it's cute too how much you love us. 

And now that we are going to the gym more and more, you are getting out and about for some alone time without us. So far you are having the best time at playcare with the crafts, flirting with the girls and yes, of course, playing with the cars. 

I can't believe that you are inching towards your half birthday... to the day when  you will be closer to two than one. I can't believe that you aren't a baby anymore, that you are SUCH a helpful little boy, who wants to carry things for his mama and hold my hand while we walk. 

Just knock it off with the tantrums and we will keep ya. 

Almost there. 

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Stephanie Daniel said...

I love your letters to Drew. They are so heartwarming and inspiring. I'm trying to find the time to write to Colette as well. Guess it's never too late to start!
Thank you for sharing.

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