Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Broken Heart

So my Daddy has a broken heart.


A few months ago, on a workup for hernia surgery, they discovered some issues with his heart. Faulty valves that needed to be replaced. No possibility of robotic surgery. Full open heart.


I know that we are so lucky that he is so healthy and active at 70 but still... Could we get a freaking break please? The Parkinsons, melanoma, a hernia, and now open heart surgery... Come on...

The good thing is that while he was mostly asymptomatic, they think that the surgery is going to make him feel a lot better. So hopefully he's going to come out of this ready and rarin' to go kick some ass on the golf course. Ready to get back to the Midway and be a docent. Ready to share with Drew his love of airplanes.

He will have some serious downtime... 4-6 weeks of recovery... But I know that he will do great. He has so many reasons to thrive.

And we really are so lucky. They caught this early. They caught it before it became critical. And he's an amazingly positive person. The man was SINGING on his way to the operating room, for pete's sake!

I figured they would either send him to surgery, or to the psych ward:)

Update: as of 900am they had started the surgery and things were going great... We will know more in a few hours.

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laura said...

i noticed your facebook updates and was wondering what was going on. thinking of you and your family today. sending big happy heart healthy prayers to your daddy! xo!

Angi B said...

HUGS!!! Hope things are going well!

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