Friday, March 25, 2011

18 months

You turned 18 months yesterday kid, and I am... well... speechless.

Every morning I wake up, like every other, with no concept of how fast it's all going.
Every morning we have routines, we have activities.
The gym, playgroup, grocery store trips, flights down to San Diego here and there... It's all just our normal day to day routine.

Then one day I wake up, and it smacks me in the face... You are 18 months old. Somewhere along the way you started crawling, and walking and talking and you became this little person.

You have a personality now. You have likes and dislikes and opinions and holy hell you are in full blown TODDLER mode. Even looking at pictures from your first birthday, when I thought you were so big and grown up, I realize what a baby you were.

I know that I have done some complaining recently about your... well... vigor. You are definitely a crazy toddler maniac. But all in all, you are a really good boy. You pay attention to me and are helpful and follow directions when I ask. Its amazing. Every day you learn something new. You count and know your letters and repeat every thing I say...

Which is... not always the best thing. I dropped something and said "shoot" (which honestly, if you know me, it was a miracle I said that instead of a more R rated word). About five minutes later, you threw something down, said "uhoh, shoot".


I'm really going to have to watch my mouth now. Total bummer.

We celebrated your half birthday in style; A trip to the doctor for your 18 month checkup. Yeah, happy half birthday kiddo, you get your MMR shot.

I won't get into the emotion I felt behind that little shot, but suffice it to say that you screamed bloody murder and Mama cried.

But we redeemed the day with a trip to playgroup, where you danced and sang (read:yelled) with your best buds. You had a half birthday cupcake. You watched Cars for the first time and just about died from happiness. You snuggled with Mama and Daddy.

It was a pretty awesome day, even if it did rain for most of it. And you know how I feel about the rain...

Sheer joy kid. You are sheer joy. 


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