Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Enough To Eat

So being a stay at home mom has made me realize a few very important things... 

How terrible I am at cleaning the house... but I'm working on that... Thank you Fly Lady.

How much I love being home with my kiddo... 

And how WEAK my dinner repertoire is... Good lord. 

I've joined every single recipe email chain that has come my way and have yet to be the recipient of anything. 
I scour the pages of the cookbooks that I purchased years ago and have barely opened... afraid to cook something that my husband and child won't eat. 
I use my IPad as an internet cookbook because I have very few recipes that I can continue to go back to. 

Let's face it people. I need some HELP. And from what I hear from other of my mommy friends... we all could use a little assistance. 

So I decided that every Friday I'm going to post some of the keepers that I have found so far. (If you were the recipient of any of my cinnamon rolls this holiday season... that one is DEFINITELY going to be in there...)

Now let's be totally honest. These are not my recipes. I have borrowed them from books, internet sites and other people, but instead of you having to scour the internet for good food, I figured I could bring some to you. 

The best part is? I'd love it if people could share the wealth. Email with any recipes that you have that are tried and true and I will post it on here. 

Now I know that there is probably a more technological way to go about this? And I will figure that out... but for now? Enjoy!!! 


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