Friday, March 4, 2011

Car Safety

Courtesy of Disney
So if you haven't caught it in my previous entries... my child is OBSESSED with cars (especially the one pictured above). 

And while that's amazing and wonderful when we are in the house playing with them, it does pose a bigger problem when we are out and about. All he wants to do is touch them and point at them and notice them driving in the street and parked by the sidewalks. 

I know that I need to start instilling in him the knowledge that cars are dangerous, and that he can't just walk behind them or in front of them at will... but I'm having a hard time getting a plan of attack. He has no fear of them because he loves them so much and I do have that fear that some day, unless I start working on it now, this will get him into trouble. 

How did you teach your kids about safety around cars? Are there any good books out there that lay out the ground rules for how to behave around vehicles? I just want something that I can start working with him on now, before he becomes a wild and willful toddler with a mind of his own. 

Oh wait. 


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