Monday, February 28, 2011


So I finally completed my first sewing project... and while it's not perfect... it's AWESOME!

I have been eyeing a wet bag for a while now... cloth diapering is great, but we already had a diaper genie and I was OVER my makeshift wet bag in the bathrooms...

So now that I have a sewing machine, and a little bit of time, I went for it!

My friend Janice was a HUGE help, providing the PUL (the waterproof fabric that goes inside) and a tutorial from her website Sew Girly. I was terrified of the zipper, as I really am a novice and my mother had told me that it was SO hard... Screw it.

I followed the directions, sewed really slowly and a few ripped out seams later???


Now I have two lined and zippered bags that I made myself. *pats self on back*

HUGE thanks though to Sew Girly, Dilley Dally and Twelve 22. I couldn't have done it without them!

Now the only problem with wanting to be crafty? What do I make? Any ideas???

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april said...

Congrats!!! I love sewing, and before Grey was born did quite a lot of it. A great website with super cute bags to make (some patterns are free, some cost) and helpful sewing tips is:
I have made many things from there and the directions are really easy to follow and the final product is super cute! Good luck!

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