Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day, You Mothers

Yes - that title was how my father wished me a Mothers Day... Actually it's how he and my mother have wished their friends a Happy Mother's Day for years. Kind of twisted, but it works for them.

And every time I hear it said, and I giggle, I know that I'm more like her than not.

We look alike, laugh alike, even talk alike. This got me into BIG trouble in high school, since none of my friends knew if it was me or my mother on the phone. Whoops.

But after lots of ups and downs and surviving each other in high school and beyond (may God never grant me a daughter... or at least a daughter like me)... now that I'm a mom, I appreciate everything that she did for me. I appreciate every time I screwed up and she worried. I came home late and she worried. I still think that I was grounded a little too much in high school for my taste, but I now understand that primal need to keep your children safe... even if it means locking them in the house.

My mom and I are best friends. I talk to her at least 2 times a day and even though we moved 600 miles away, still see her at least once a month. She is a wonderful woman (most of the time - but hey, we all have our moments) and seeing her these past few months has made me realize how incredibly strong she is. Strong and stubborn... Again, remarkable how alike we are. I think it frightens my husband just a little bit.

But all in all, she's a wonderful mother. She has given me incredible life lessons and tools that I am using to teach my own child. She is funny, kind, and loving. Get past the prickliness and she's a total softie. I watch her with my baby and realize just how incredible she really is and how much she has given me.

Even if it just is a crass sense of humor.

Happy Mother's Day - You Mother...

Love You.


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