Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soul Sisters

I have a confession to make.

Like (hundreds of) thousands of people across the country/world. We are Gleeks. 

All three of us. 

Most nights, before Drew goes to bed, we watch specially queued up bits of Glee, showcasing our favorite songs or numbers. The kid will even hand us the remote and ask in that cute little voice... "Glee? Pease?"

Oh, and he has some strong opinions about the ones we watch. An unacceptable song or routine will have him asking like a broken record "More Glee? More Glee?" until the high pitched shriek has us moving on to the next episode. 

Dream On, Forget You, Bad Romance (yes I've gotten some shit for that)... There are some classic and not so classic songs in his Glee repertoire. And when we don't have the TV on (which we try not to have on too much) don't worry, we have Mama's IPod... and the new speakers that the Daddy bought me for Christmas. 

Most days, there is some sort of music on in the house... Some sort of dancing, humming, or singing. And since I'm a mean mommy, it's normally Glee, or the Glee Pandora station as opposed to anything weird or lame like Sesame Street or Elmo songs. He certainly knows his top 40 and knowing my luck, is going to come to me one day dressed in drag and singing Gaga...

Hmmm... I did see him playing dress-up at Playcare the other day... Whoops. (not that there is anything wrong with any of that so get your panties out of a twist) 

But this song. Oh this song is the favorite. The one that he tries to sing the most. The one that he dances to, hums to, hears on the radio and goes absolutely bananas for. 

And I've noticed that he definitely prefers the Glee version.

The password is Drew


laura said...

um, this is all things awesome!

shannon said...

This is the cutest video I've ever seen. And the Glee version of this song is my ring tone. So Drew, I'm right there with you buddy. :)

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