Monday, June 6, 2011


I am having one of those moments that other moms don't really talk about.

We all talk about the terrible twos and how they can be really and truly "terrible". But no one talks about how to keep your composure. No one talks about how to make sure that when your kid launches his full plate off the table for the 55th time, or spits milk at you, you don't go completely mental on them.

Some days, taking deep breaths and being a calm, nice mommy doesn't work. Some days, you just want to yell back, you want to throw a tantrum, cry, or just generally be a jerk... which I did last night.

It's never a particularly good feeling when you stoop to your toddler's level and it's not nice to know that you acted like a bratty kid having a tantrum because you couldn't keep your cool. But honestly? It's impossible to keep your cool 100% of the time. I have to remind myself that and not beat myself up that I got so pissed off. I'm sure that other moms have this problem... That I'm not the only one...


Well, hopefully.

But for any other moms out there in the blogosphere, know that I have those moments... and if you have those moments, you are NOT alone. And I just have to realize that once it has passed, there is no point mulling over it or feeling terrible. Your kid isn't going to hold it against you.

Move on and try to do better next time... which sometimes is easier said than done but remember that if you're acting like a wonderful, supportive, calm, controlled Mom 99% of the time? You're probably doing a pretty damn good job.

At least I think you are. For what it's worth...

This is my kid today. Ugh. 


Angi B said...

Yep, me too Ash...we aren't perfect :) You're a great mother!

april said...

Totally lost my cool with Grey the other day. Even told him I didn't like him at all, talk about turning into a 7 year old!

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