Saturday, July 16, 2011

And... They're Back

Though not for long. UGH. These damn chickens.

I woke up early this morning and raced out the door, hoping that the little monsters would be waiting for me to let them back in. They were.

I'm glad to know that they didn't get eaten by anything and managed to sleep well away from home... but seriously girls?

Anyone have any ideas what would be best plan of attack?

We have thought about A) netting the whole top of the run... the only problem being that the run is pretty darn big and it might start getting expensive. B) Building an outer part of the coop that holds their food and water but is still netted in with chicken wire... only problem there is that Brian then has to build it. C) Clipping their wings... only problem with that being that I can barely catch them, much less chop off the ends of their wings with scissors. (It doesn't hurt them btw, so I'm not being overly cruel.)

What do you guys think? Anyone out there with chickens that have some good ideas? Because the last idea is that we are just going to eat them.

No pressure or anything folks.


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