Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yeah... you guys aren't going to believe this.

They are gone.
Flew the coop.
Driving their Cadillac off of a cliff somewhere.

We've been having a ton of problems with them getting out for the past week but have been trying to brainstorm different ways to keep them in. Betty and Wilma have no problems going in for the night but NOOOOOO, these troublemakers have to jump up into that same redwood tree every night to try and roost. And normally I just wack them out of it, and they reluctantly go back into their house.

Except for tonight. When I forgot to check on them at 8:15 on the dot. The time that they normally leap from the coop and make a break for it.

And now, it's pitch black outside and they are gone.

Not in the tree, not in the yard that I can see, but hopefully snuggled up somewhere safe for the night. And hopefully they come back.

Wow. I suck at this.


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