Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Pictures I Didn't Post

In case anyone still cares about my trip to BlogHer. (Which was officially FOREVER ago and I refuse to let it go).

Here we go.

 Me, laden down with swag and hugging a cardboard cutout of the Brawny man. Where is this dude to clean my kitchen???? AWOL? Typical male.

 The Glee cheerleaders at the People's Party. They were teaching people how to do the Dougie. I had no idea what that was and they pretty much called me old. Whatever bitches, I can drink alcohol and you can't. (Notice the white trash wine with ice in my hand... it was a tribute to Raising Hope. I love theme cocktails.)

My girls. WendyWillBlog, SpaghettiWesterner and BeyondThe Bandaids. I *heart* you. Thank you for making my first BlogHer so incredible. MWAH.


Suzanne said...

Glee = Awesome. ACTUAL HIGH SCHOOL CHEERLEADERS at the party = stupid. It was way past their bed time anyways.

Mama Spaghetti said...

I won't let it go if you don't! Seriously, I miss you. Though the follow-up is still killing me!

Also, you and the Brawny Man make a pretty cute couple. Though, I never pegged you as a plaid flannel kind of girl.

Anonymous said...

I still care about BlogHer! In fact, I'm just now catching up with my own life enough to check out the other gals' amazing blogs! It was so great to meet you there...Keep in touch. - Nikki

Wendy said...

OMG -- love!! I'm so stealing the group pic, just to let you know. Dude, kick ass wedges too. How'd I miss those? It might have been the chard. xo

Jenna said...

love these!!! what a great posse you travel in too :)

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