Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Building a Better Mousetrap


Oh, Hi... I have a blog? Crap. Who knew?

Yeah, so things have been a little bit hectic 'round these parts for the past 3 weeks. You've seen the BlogHer nonsense... I mean have I stopped talking about it for a minute? Yeah, not so much.

But while all the madness of trips to Tahoe and San Diego and parties and drinking have been going on, we did have a completely amazing moment here at It's Fitting.

I received that picture from my husband during the Haute Green party and just about keeled over and DIED. The world's most difficult and expensive chickens have finally started laying.

Well, let me rephrase that. The chicken has started laying. Only one of the four. So while I'm SUPER excited that we now have an egg a day, I would love it if the other difficult little shits would start as well. Because people, these things have cost quite a bit lately in both money and man (read: husband) hours.

So you remember the issues we had with them getting out? And the joy with which we put up bird netting and watched them puzzle over it and lament their situation in life?

They outsmarted us, again and again, until we not only had the one, most bold, chicken getting out (Thelma), but all of them. Every night into the redwood tree. And pretty much giving us the finger every time they did.

I thought the hubby was going to lose his MIND.

So more money was thrown at the problem... and a super-structure was constructed. I do believe that his manly pride for wielding tools and building shit was damaged by our insensitive winged friends and that this was just something that he HAD. TO. DO.

So, a bazillion dollars later, we have built a better mousetrap. The girls are no longer getting out (for now) and that one egg a day that we are getting? Is the most expensive egg we have ever eaten.


laura said...

your neighbors must love you! ;) that must be the best-tasting egg ever!

Anonymous said...

That is one fabulous looking chicken run - nice artsy photos of it, too! I hope it works for a very long time and makes the expensive eggs worth it. :)


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