Friday, August 12, 2011

In the Meantime

So while I was off drinking my face off and acting like an idiot learning to be the best blogger possible, the hubs decided to join my family for some quality time in SD. I popped in and out, giving exhausted hugs, dropping off about 50 pounds of swag, changing clothes and heading back downtown to party, while they "practiced" golf with Drew in the backyard, harassed the dog and went for walks. Because I was not present (mentally or physically) there are no pictures of these activities.  I mean REALLY PEOPLE?

So when I finally ended my drunken blogging binge and joined them for some QT, I was there to take some pictures... capture some moments... and enjoy a sober, tame day on the USS Midway. Where my child promptly decided to up and FAINT over the fact that there are exactly a BAZILLION airplanes on the top deck, not to mention helicopters and omg no WAY. It was totally awesome.

So I give you,

The One Day of the BlogHer Weekend Where I Was Not Drinking

I don't know when he got so grown up. *sob*


Liz said...

What great pictures of your boys!!

SurferWife said...

Whoa! You're family is adorable! Way to procreate, girl.

Ashley, Brian and Drew said...

Thanks ladies! They are pretty cute :)

mrs.monica and family said...

what a gorgeous little boy! following from TAT.

Kristin said...

Aww your little boy is adorable!

Victoria said...

Adorable pictures. Glad you had a good time at the conference.

New follower from TAT.

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