Monday, October 24, 2011

All American Fall

I'm really really tired. Between the maniac child and the hubby being gone for 10 days I am just about at the end of the line... however, I've just received the text that he is off the plane and on the way home so BREAK OUT THE WINE.

Honestly though, even after a few (read:lots) days of being solo, I have to realize that the Kid and I had some great times. Like, really great times. One of them was this weekend, when our CSA decided to not only provide us with food, but entertainment as well!

Pumpkins on Pikes is an annual tradition at our CSA and this was our first year. It was crowded, hot and a little bit exhausting to do it solo, but what with the amazing food, bbq and pumpkins, the Kid and I had a pretty good time. I also got some pretty darn good pictures!

Hey look, a Pumpkin, on a Pike... how novel.

This is some scary stuff people.

But then there's our pumpkin... a little bit like a lost puppy... looking for a little boy to love him... "OH HEY YOU!! COME HERE!!"

Snuggling up to the Kid...

You know how they say dogs look like their owners? Hrm...

Puppy... I mean, Pumpkin Love.

God Mom, maybe you should just actually get me a damn dog???

Working on it kid...

One exciting thing coming down the line... a giveaway for one of you moms/readers who loves photography. Trust me, you're going to LOVE it! 

Stay tuned!!! 


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