Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Child is a SAVAGE

Bear with me as I present pictures of our trip. And the story of how my toddler is a freakin' SAVAGE when it comes to roller coasters... We managed to get him on the Matterhorn, which was awesome,  not to mention the Goofy Coaster, the Haunted Mansion and the crazy Ferris Wheel at California Adventure. That sh** scares the crap out of ME people...

This time, the Goofy Coaster, next time, the Tower of Terrors!!!

Airplane? LOVE


Small World? Snoozefest.
Holy Shit Dad... that's a big Ferris Wheel.

 Oh yeah, did I mention the fact that the monster Ferris Wheel had cars that ROLLED???

Which, apparently, was AWESOME.

And exhausting.


laura said...

oh my adorable!!!

Charlotte said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! Love the pic of your hubby's hand on your son's head. Cute!

Ameena said...

Found you through Studio 30 +...your blog is great. And your son is adorable. And really? You have chickens? I am so impresed! :)

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