Monday, October 10, 2011

Disney - The Magic, The Mania

We are back! Newly returned from Disneyland, a little bit soggier and a little exhausted, but we made it!

I know it's been a while peeps, but if you've been paying attention, I was writing... just not here. Take a look at my first post for The Trend Tribe, where I have become a contributor... yay me. On top of that, I am the featured blogger at Studio 30 Plus! Tell your friends!

Taking this blogging thing to new heights I tell you... new heights.

But enough with the excuses. We have returned. We have survived. And we have vowed to go back as SOON as humanly possible. Because my favorite thing in the whole world chased us to Southern California and proceeded to give me a deluge of biblical proportions... all while we tried to play at the Magic Kingdom. It was a total bummer to say the least.

But we had two days there, and Disney, in all of their infinite magical awesome-ness, gave us a rain check for the first day. So we will return sometime next year to use that and our remaining day on our park hopper passes... and it better be dry... and much more awesome.


The best part about the Disney experience though? That the Disney "Magic" transcends age, race and coolness. Grown men and women run around the park wearing Goofy hats, Mickey Mouse ears, or R2D2 beanies WITH Mickey Mouse ears. I saw mulitple people who had made shirts for their ENTIRE family, just for the occasion of walking in the front door... I mean, when did it become cool to look like such a dork?

Um, apparently the minute Disneyland opened.

These people? Totally AWESOME.
And honestly? I love it. I love that no one can be "too cool" at Disney. I love that being overly excited to see a 5 foot mouse or a 6 foot donkey is really just par for the course. I love that my mom and I can act like total idiots and no one bats an eyelash... well, except for my husband and my father, but whatever.

It's just nice that in a world where things are so stressful and so hard, people can escape. Escape the stress of life and being a grownup and just get a chance to act like they are a kid again. And people leave Disney and take a little bit of that joy with them.

We were waiting for our bags at Oakland Airport when I saw a 6"5', 250 pound man who looked like he could squish me like a bug walk up to grab his bags.

He and his girlfriend were both wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

Never too cool...

Have you experienced the Disney Magic? What is your favorite part???


Michelle P said...

I love Disney, I don't think you could ever be too old. However, the BF has not interest in going :(

Suzanne said...

Ahhhhh I'm so jealous! We've been debating whether or not it's worth taking the kids yet, since although I know the 2.5 year old would love it he wouldn't GET IT and the baby wouldn't care at all. But I get all teary-eyed and snotty every single time I see a Disney commercial and I'm not sure I can hold out until both kids are old enough to form lasting memories. IT'S SO MAGICAL.

Jenna said...

Jenna here from "Mingle Monday". Just wanted to say I LOVE Disney land but it is wayyy fun in the fall with all the halloween stuff up! :)

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