Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween - aka OMFG CANDY???

It's over. Another year, another Halloween, another chance to dress up and act like an idiot. The best part about this year's is how freaking FUN it was! It's totally different now. We don't go to parties, I don't get dressed as some skanky, sexy, Nurse/Beer Wench/Flight Attendant. I wore a big bulky airplane (there should be pictures somewhere, I'll find them for you), because my son and my husband were fighter pilots.

And it was totally awesome.

It's so much more fun now that I get to experience Halloween through my toddlers eyes. A child who is old enough to marvel and be amazed at the costumes and the spooky houses and is still a little bit shy at walking up to everyone's house and ringing the door, and isn't totally jaded by the idea that this night is JUST about the candy. Although trust me, he got the hang of the candy thing pretty quickly... tootsie rolls and Kit Kats are apparently very motivating.

We met up with friends, we enjoyed the downtown trick-or-treating, we came home, enjoyed the neighborhood trick-or-treating, and my child decided that food was simply NOT an option ever again. Not when there is CANDY in the world. Like OMFG CANDY???

He told me at one point, "Mama, I need something."
" What do you need baby?"
" Mama, I need chocolate."

Right... you're never going to get that shit ever, ever again.

Because Daddy is going to eat your stash. Sorry kid.

PS, is this not the CUTEST?
I must be honest btw, after deciding to take the camera manual, I was struck with the realization (as I was chasing a toddler in the waning light) that it isn't going to be easy. At All. But, that's why we love Clickin Moms!

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