Friday, May 30, 2008


So for all of those people who forgot what it is like to live with your parents... wow. It has it's pros and its cons definitely... Pro - my mother makes me coffee in the morning and makes my lunch... seriously, she actually made my lunch yesterday. She is also making wonderful dinners... seriously, someone else is cooking for me. So awesome. Cons, having to check in as to when you are coming home... Any argument is hard to escape because you are cohabitating in the same freaking house - I thought it was difficult being in the same city. Nope, this is FAR worse.

I love my parents tons, but am realizing that i am definitely my own grown up person now. Kind of. I'm trying to be a rational adult but sometimes, when you're back with the fam, you just want to stamp your foot and have a good temper tantrum :-) Not really.

The best part is though that I'm back with my baby dogs... Chunky Monkey Madison and Boo Boo Buddy. Maddy and Buddy are SO fun... I left you all pictures in case you haven't met them yet. They are my saving grace :-) Nothing better when you're stressed out than a warm puppy :-)


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