Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So Long Brian

For those of you who just made a shocked gasp... he's not really gone... just gone to Key West for a month *sigh* Which totally blows as I will be without my wonderful fiance for 4 weeks (everyone stop gagging in the background) but what REALLY sucks is that not only will I without my husband to be... he's LEAVING me to deal with the construction in our house. All by myself. Yeah, I'm not feeling too badly about the fact that he has to go spend 4 weeks in Key West. The house is a DISASTER. I am shocked and appalled at what happens when you take one of the biggest rooms in the house and try to move everything that was in there into every other room. I have a refrigerator in the den and a chopping block in my bedroom. Not to mention the fact that you can't WALK into the guest bedrooms for all of the crap that is on the floor. Ugh. I am flippin OVER IT.

So, the best part of living in the same city as your parents??? If Brian is going to leave me, all along to fend for myself... I'm moving into my parents house. Ahhh, back to the 'rents house, bringing back memories of all those wonderful years after college when I lived there. The fights, the screaming the yelling, the free room and board :-) But actually it wasn't all that bad... not to mention the fact that they live on the ocean (Picture from their balcony... heaven) and will be leaving for a trip back east on Sunday. I'm sure I can handle being there for 5 days with them. And hey, it's better than my dust covered house. And it will be nice that mom and I have some bonding time to plan wedding stuff.
Looks like one of the last things to do is to do a tasting!! Which I believe we will schedule for Friday. mmmmm. Now if I could just stop eating crap and start working out, the wedding plan would be complete. :-0 I only have 3 months left and my dress right now is a little snug. Ugh. DIET TIME.


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