Friday, May 23, 2008


So all I have to say is WOW. The kitchen was demo-ed on Monday and here we are Friday and Brian and I have already picked out the granite, the cabinets and the floor tile. This means that they are ready for this stuff!!! 5 days later they are already putting the mud and texture on the walls and we can start painting this weekend. I mean... really??? Doug Butcher - our contractor from San Diego Kitchen and Bath Company is a ROCKSTAR - The way he's going... it looks like it's going to be done in a few weeks. More likely it will be finished in the middle of June, but seriously??? It's unreal.

So Brian and I have been relegated to living out of one bedroom. Our refrigerator is in our den and every other room is full of kitchen crap that needed to be moved. I told him that if we could survive this, we could survive anything... :-) And so far so good. I will post pictures of the kitchen in its various stages of demo... Cross your fingers for a speedy finish to the disaster!!!

Ok, on a note here... I was obviously drinking the kool-aid when I wrote this. We are now into week 7 of the project. Things, slow, down. UGH

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Pattig said...

Hello Ashley,
I found your site when I googled Doug Butcher - I am thinking of contracting him to remodel my home.
It appears he did a REAL good job for you.
Can I ask you for a reference???

Thanks in advance

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