Monday, June 2, 2008

Progress - Kind Of

So I spent the weekend painting the house with the help of my parents (what would I do without them, honestly). But it was a total pain in the ARSE. I have posted pictures of what it looked like before... (yuck) and what it looks like after two days of neck breaking work... Of course I say this like I have 15 foot ceilings and the kitchen and bathroom are massive... as you can tell from the pics, neither is true. But the color of the kitchen came out BEAUTIFUL after only 3 trips to Lowes to change the color... damnit. Helpful tip from my contractor. Pick the color you like and go a shade lighter. I mean, why couldn't he have told me this before I went out and spent a BAZILLION dollars on paint.

So the bathroom we did a shade darker than the kitchen. Obviously these pictures don't do it justice, but it's a really pretty dark gold color that is going to look awesome with the tile that we picked out. Which I have pictured. So, the best part is that we are moving upward and onward!!!


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