Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Disaster Part I

I have posted pictures so you have an idea of what the inside of my house looks like... every single room has kitchen stuff STUFFED into it... it sucks. Alot. This is the reason I have moved out... You can't even imagine...

This picture is showing the plastic sheeting that has been up to protect the rest of the house from dust. Yeah right. There is at least a half inch layer of dust on everything... and the rest of my living room is to the right, behind the plastic curtain. So for the most part, I can see the rest of my house, but it's like being the boy in the bubble.So this is my den... note the fact that you can't see the desk, with the computer on it, because there is a giant REFRIGERATOR there. Behind that large beast who's real home is the kitchen, is a filing cabinet and a book case. But oh no, nothing to see but the giant white fridge.

So you can kind of see through the door to my bedroom, which has become less of a bedroom and more of a storage for the rest of the large items. I don't even know where my bed is under all that crap.

So this is one of the spare bedrooms... oy. That is all kitchen stuff. I can barely look at this picture.


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