Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Disaster Part II

Look at that sunbeam... blessing the outside of the house... Someone up there obviously has no idea of the hell that is going on inside.

So to alleviate any feelings that I might have that my house is a dump and will never return from this unscathed... I took some pictures of the outside of the house. Which still looks lovely. My roses are blooming, I have tomatoes coming in and i just planted some beautiful new flowers in the planters outside of the house. Ohmmmmmmmmmmm. Feeling a very zen and peaceful feeling which is helping to counteract the effect of wanting to run screaming... Ahhh flowers.

So if you can actually see this... there is a tomato on that vine. SO that means when gas prices have become too much for me to afford groceries to put into my beautiful new kitchen... I will live off the LAND. Or at least my 2000 square foot yard.


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