Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The beast is gone... the monster has been slain and the fridge has been removed from the den. But, because everyone has left poor little me, and I am without husband or family... I moved the beast myself...

Yes, it is true. I moved a behemoth refrigerator out of the TEENY space that is the den, through an even smaller space that is the door to the den, and out to the backyard... by myself. It now rest comfortably in my backyard, where it will soon be joined by my car, once we remove the wheels and put it up on blocks...
That is the tiny door that I had to move it through - I even had to take off the doors. I'm so cool.

So now it rests, doorless in my yard. *sigh* I think I should become a member of the Clampetts.

And, should anyone decide they would like to dine in the construction zone... it is quite the conversation piece. It's like sculpture!!


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