Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pre- Bachelorette Party

So I'm SOOOO excited to say that my best friend Annie is in the great state of California and that she and a few of my friends and I are preparing for a bachelorette weekend!!!

Annie, Juliet, Casey and I will be heading up to Santa Barbara to go wine tasting and with Annie being the only preggo in the group, she will also be our "sober sister". I can't wait to see everyone and of course will provide pictures of the whole affair once we return on Sunday. :-)

I don't think that this is going to be debaucherous affair that it would have been 5 years ago... I'm much calmer now (sure). I also hope that we do not get evacuated by any hurricanes...

In honor of the last bachelorette party I went to, here are some pictures of me and the gang at Annie's bachelorette party in New Orleans... only 2 days before Katrina hit.Bourbon Street and hand grenades - DANGEROUSThe view from our balcony...


Bryan Guido Hassin said...

What a weekend that was (although, to be clear, I wasn't part of the bachelorette party)!

BGH (en route to New Orleans airport): "Thanks for letting me crash with you guys--if you're ever in Houston you're welcome at my place!"

AHG (24 hours later): "Um, Bry? Hurricane Katrina is about to hit and we may not be able to get a flight out of here. Right now Houston is lookin' pretty good . . ."

AshleyG said...

That was a crazy time :-) Thank goodness for BGH's offer... although I did manage to get out on the last flight of the weekend.

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