Friday, February 26, 2010

5months Old

5 months old? NO WAY

Buddy - can you BELIEVE it? You are 5 months old!!! Mama is so proud of the big boy that you have become...

You are sitting up now... still pretty wobbly but getting better every single day. We like to prop you up in pillows and just this morning you tipped backward and then fought your way back to upright... it was like the most impressive display of ab muscles.

You always have big smiles for everyone these days. Big smiles and giggles and laughs, although I have definitely seen some of that stranger aversion that is supposed to come around at this time. We actually gave you to a friend to hold and you made the cutest sad face, lower lip sticking out and then a WAIL of protest at being held by this person... and then kind of a - "oh, mama and daddy are right here and this is someone new to look at" *BIG GRIN*

You love to grab any and everything in your reach. This is especially interesting when it involves a sandwich or some other sort of food... you are completely obsessed with food. You watch me eat, grab at things in my hands, track my fork as it makes its way to my mouth with a look that says, gimme gimme gimme. You have loved everything that we have given you so far. Apples and pears and zucchini and sweet potatoes, oatmeal and rice and bananas. Everything we give you, you eat with relish and gusto. Hopefully an epicurean in the making :-)

You are really just the happiest baby. You have started giving hugs, big squeezes for Mama and Daddy when we hold you... you love patting our faces and grabbing onto my nose or my mouth with very strong little fingers - yeah, ouch.

Sleeping through the night? Not so much. But you get better every day with your naps and sometimes you sleep through the night. Occasionally you go for 12 hours without a peep, or paci patrol or food. But Mama still isn't quite ready to let you cry it out. We've tried a few times and it just doesn't seem to work and so you win the standoff. It's ok. As long as you keep it to once a night, I'm used to the 4 am feeding. If it makes you happy to have a early morning snack, hey, I'm there for you. :-) Does Mama love you or WHAT?? 

Daddy is trying to teach you French already. You have your Sophie Giraffe and Daddy has whole conversations between you and that giraffe in French.
"Bonjour Sophie"
"Bonjour Drew"
"Come ca va?"
"Je ve bien. E vu?"(forgive the appalling spelling of the french. I obviously do not speak it :-)
And on it goes. And let me tell you kid, it's darn cute.

I can't believe that in another month you will be 6 months old. A half a year already! Stop growing so fast... but thank you for being our sweet snuggly bear of a boy.

Love you Boogie,

 Playing Cards and measuring spoons - SUPER FUN.

 Look at me sitting up!!!

Mama doesn't feed me enough, so I'll eat paper.


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